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Apsley Farms’ mulch allows rain to penetrate and helps the soil retain moisture. It suppresses weeds, protects plant roots during dry summer and cold winter weather and adds nutrients – all at the same time.

Watch our video on how to spread mulch:

Our Soil improving Mulch is useful for:


Important information

When applying our Mulch this spring, we would strongly recommend leaving a space around your young or tender plants. This will avoid any chance of burning issues. This happens due to the ammonia content. This will dissipate after around 24 hours being outside.

Mushrooms in your mulch – Visit our FAQ Page to find out why mushrooms in your mulch are a good thing

Caution do not store or use fresh Soil Improving Mulch in enclosed places (eg. greenhouses, polytunnels, garages, cold frames and cloches).

How to use and when to use our mulch?

There are three different ways we would recommend using Apsley Farms’ mulch

1. Using mulch as a Soil Improver

Use Apsley Farms Mulch as a Soil Improver to increase the quality, the condition and add nutrients to your soil. A healthy garden or allotment starts with healthy soil. Please click to find out more – Soil Improver

2. Using mulch as a Top Dressing

Using Apsley Farms Mulch as a Top Dressing will reduce the usual garden maintenance, suppress and stop weed growth and give a professional finish to your garden. Please click to find out more – Top Dressing.

3. Using Mulch to improve your Lawn or Sports Pitches

Use Apsley Farms Mulch as a lawn dressing, help create a seed bed for turf or seed. Our Organic approved mulch is the perfect alternative to chemicals and other synthetic materials. Please click to find out more – Lawn Dressing

Apsley Mulch Spreading


See the results from our Independent Growth Trial

To see the results click here.


Use our soil improving mulch as a slug deterrent. Slugs and snails don’t like our Mulch – here’s the proof!

It certainly isn’t a slug killer, however it may stop slugs and snails from eating your plants.


Our video experiment showing how snails avoid Apsley Farms Mulch:

Product Details

Our mulch is anaerobically produced fibrous material, we are proud to say that it has been certified for Organic Use by the Soil Association. Click here to read abour anaerobic digestion

  • Rye, maize, barley and grass used as the feed crops are farmed and cultivated by Apsley Farms
  • The crops are stored in large storage sacks, to pickle – for around 6 months
  • It is then added to the Anaerobic Digestor for 150+ days to produce Green renewable energy, both gas and electricity. This process kills all seed traces that might be found
  • Each 730 litre bag of Apsley Farms Mulch will have heated a home for 21 days
  • Contains healthy amounts of Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, and other beneficial trace elements
  • Soil Association approved for Organic Use
  • Improves soil structure for both heavy clay and sandy soils
  • Helps moisture retention
  • Light and easy to handle and once applied is aesthetically pleasing
  • Reduces soil erosion during heavy rain
  • Increases the protection of roots
  • Waste, weed, pests and peat free
  • Attracts worms to your garden
  • Vegan friendly
  • pH 8-8.5

Our mulch doesn’t have a manure smell, rather has an ammonia smell that dissipates quickly when spread. Left standing outside this will dissipate naturally in around 24 – 48 hours depending on the weather conditions.

Technical Information and Analysis

Fresh Mulch

Units Results Amounts per fresh tonne
Oven Dry Matter % 20.6 206
Total Nitrogen % w/w 2.59 5.34
Ammonium Nitrogen mg/kg 9898 2.04
Nitrate Nitrogen mg/kg <10 <0.01
Total Phosphorus (P) % w/w 0.605 2.85
Total Potassium (K) % w/w 2.71 6.7
Total Magnesium (Mg) % w/w 0.331 1.13
Total Sulphur (S) % w/w 0.303 1.56
Total Copper (Cu) mg/kg 11.3 <0.01
Total Zinc (Zn) mg/kg 51.2 0.01
Total Sodium (Na) % w/w 0.047 0.13
Total Calcium (Ca) mg/kg 8921 1.84

How our Mulch is composted down after three months.

pH – 6.8 – 7.3
Unit Results Amount per fresh tonne
Oven Dry Matter % 12.1 121
Total Nitrogen % w/w 3.14 3.8
Total Phosphorus (P) % w/w 0.45 1.25
Total Potassium (K) %w/w 0.174 0.25
Total Magnesium (Mg) %w/w 0.243 0.49

This is a similiar product to garden compost, delivered free with in 30 miles or nation wide.

Delivery information

If you’re lucky enough to be within 30 miles of our farm in Andover; we offer FREE DELIVERY using our in-house fleet of vans with cranes to manoeuvre the mulch bags. Our specialist team can deliver onto gravel driveways and up tight country roads safely. For more information see our delivery page.

Bulk discounts

If you’re after a large quantity of mulch bags, or need lorry loads; Please contact us on 01264 554433

Additional information

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 90 cm



typical delivery time – 5 working days

Typical weight


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- 2 days ago
Dear Apsley Farms We just wanted to let you know that we are delighted with your product and service. We were out when the mulch was delivered but your driver placed the mulch exactly as we had requested, thank you. We are mulching today and the garden and plants are very happy. We will be using you again and recommending you to our friends. Warmest Lucinda
- 3 days ago
My delivery arrived earlier this week and I set to work, distributing it on my beds and borders. I was very impressed with the quality of the product and a hoping for amazing crop yields next year. Thank you!
- 5 days ago
- 6 days ago
Just had mine delivered today excellent service driver very helpful
- 1 week ago
Wish I had discovered this product years ago. My garden will rival Chelsea next year I hope. Wonderful stuff!
- 1 week ago
It’s good stuff, you also get mushrooms in it 🎉🎉
- 2 weeks ago
Lovely stuff. Have two more bags to be delivered next week. It is wonderful stuff. This will be my third year buying it.
- 2 weeks ago
Just to say a very big thank you for the delivery on Friday. What can I say other than we are all very pleased. Excellent product, great service and great delivery. Everyone has been helpful, friendly and very professional. I have no doubt that we will be hoping to do business again in the future (if you can bear to drive to Kent again). Warm regards Frances
- 2 weeks ago
Just to say a very big thank you for the delivery on Friday. What can I say other than we are all very pleased. Excellent product, great service and great delivery. Everyone has been helpful, friendly and very professional. I have no doubt that we will be hoping to do business again in the future (if you can bear to drive to Kent again).
- 3 weeks ago
I ordered 2 bulk bags late on a Monday evening - delivered early Thursday morning with pinpoint accuracy exactly where i needed them placed. I was expecting to have to pay a bit extra for delivery as i live just a little over 30 miles from the farm but it was all included - so really pleased and will definitely use again. Thanks. 


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