Natural plant food pump


For feeding outdoor plants, dispense 7/8 full squirts into 4.5L water, stir the mix, and pour over the soil around the base of the plant. Particularly for tomatoes and flowering plants, don’t be afraid to use a higher dose: you’ll notice the difference! Feed every 1-2 weeks for the best results.

Natural Liquid Plant Food 5L

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If you want to see what our liquid feed can do for your houseplants, or just want minimal pouring mess, this 30ml dosing pump is what you’re looking for. For feeding indoor houseplants, simply screw the pump in place and dispense one full squirt into every 1L water that you use (we recommend you do this by the sink). Only feed your houseplants when they’re growing in spring and summer, and feed monthly for best results.

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- 4 weeks ago
Purchased 2 containers of liquid plant food from the stand at the Three Counties show recently. The product is excellent and the transformation in my container plants is nothing short of a miracle. Will definitely be ordering more and also the soil improver product in the bulk bags which looks an outstanding addition to any soil. Cannot recommend too highly
- 1 month ago
I just wanted to thank Stewart for an excellent service yesterday.   The delivery was bang on time.   He took lots of time and trouble to carefully deposit the bag in exactly the right position, using his great gadget! The quality of the mulch is just what I need for my asparagus and roses, I look forward to bigger and better crops and blooms next year!
- 1 month ago
Your driver was lovely and I had no idea that what I was buying was so special. Amazing chat with him. 👍🏼
- 1 month ago
Really good product I bought 6 dumpy bags and have just had 6 more delivered the driver was very helpful and polite. Tom is easy to talk to to make sure you are getting the right product for your job. Thank you
- 1 month ago
Summer spectacular top dressing done (almost), finishes the garden nicely. Thoroughly recommend! Thank you!
- 1 month ago
Many thanks to your fab driver John today, the mulch is fantastic! Much appreciation for a great service,
- 1 month ago
- 2 months ago
We have been using the mulch for the last 3 years and our once terrible soil is now becoming something that plants actually want to grow in. It’s great!
- 2 months ago
Used a giant bag of soil improver brilliant material,slight smell of ammonia initially but this goes very quickly once spread out.
Will definitely buy again. Just purchased the liquid feed it smells awful but confident it will be good for the garden.
- 3 months ago
Trialled the mulch for the first time this spring. It’s easy to add, lightweight and movable. You do need to pay attention to tender plants when first adding as ammonia can burn young leaves so leave a gap around plants (read website!) and you can pull in later after a week or so when levels died down. The moisture retention is really good, even with dry weather recently well draining soil underneath damp. Next year I think will apply earlier / late winter before perennials start shooting. Added benefit if planting after applying of instant soil improver when digging hole.


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