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Currently our logs are bought in using our in house lorries, from UK woodlands, where they have been sustainable managed.

We purchase the logs in bulk and package them into 1 cubic meter vented bags, 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter.

This bag has been stacked loosely, we also offer a bag where we have stacked the logs tightly together to get more logs in per bag, please see other listing.

The seasoned logs are ready to burn and give off a consistent heat.

We have added this product to our mulch business as we are set up to deliver with our dumpy bags using our vans, mounted with cranes.

When you get our delivery you get a tidy bag full of logs. We can deliver up gravel drives and our aim is to drop in the exact and most convient place for you, providing the van can get there!

If you have any further question please don’t hesitate to contact us on the 01264 554433 to learn more about our delivery and the logs we offer.


Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm
Fill type

Loose in 1 cubic meter bag, Stacked in 1 cubic meter bag

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- 1 week ago
Awesome mulch. I have been using it in no-dig instead of compost for a few months and it's been great. I leave it for a good few weeks in the bag though. It's strong mind you. It's not finished compost but it works perfectly for my (plants') need(s) But hasn't burn anything so I'm really happy and the plants are too. I also use it in my wormery and the little worms have not complained to me so far 😁 they are "happy chappies" There's no plastic, glass or any rubbish in the mulch. Delivery has been fantastic. Just ordered my 4th bag. I'm going to return the others. Hopefully to re-use them. So I'm definitely sticking with this mulch and Apsley Farm. Excellent value, service and quality 👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
- 1 week ago
- 1 week ago
- 1 month ago
The Mulch is wonderful. Thank you.
- 1 month ago
Great stuff delivered to exactly where I wanted it and the garden is very happy
- 1 month ago
Thank for your prompt delivery this morning,I drew back the curtains to see I nicely placed on our drive it appeared like magic lol. A great job in the most atrocious weather ever. Once again thank you for a great job, will definitely be back soon.
- 1 month ago
Thanks so much for the super speedy delivery! Came home yesterday to find it perfectly placed in the front garden. Brilliant service and very helpful advice when we called prior to ordering with some queries. Thanks so much
- 2 months ago
LOVE the product, had 2 orders so far - bought the soil improving mulch which has made a huge difference to our heavy claggy clay soil, can't comment on plant improvement yet as only just dug it in. The SERVICE has been fantastic, very helpful on phone and the two people who delivered the product have been exceptionally helpful. This product is at the top of my Birthday and Christmas wish lists!!!
- 3 months ago
Excellent mulch, really impressed, thank you.
- 4 months ago
I'm on yr 2 of my veg patch. Soil was crumbly and dead, no worms, no life at all when I started. I have had 2 deliveries of this mulch and I now have worms showing themselves every time I dig or move anything, health happy veg and easy/light weeding. Will be buying again!


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