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We now offer the service of having our soil improving mulch spread on grass. Using our brand new spreader, we will come to your home, sports pitch, school and sports club to spread our Organically approved mulch.

Our costs are:

  • £25 per bag of mulch spread
  • £25 per bag of mulch to drag matt the area (optional, but recommended)
  • £2 per mile for delivery from the farm near Andover, Hampshire

Each 730 litre bag of mulch will approximately cover the area of 800 sq. Metres.

Please call the farm on 01264 554 433 for more information and confirm a time and date.


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- 3 weeks ago
I'm on yr 2 of my veg patch. Soil was crumbly and dead, no worms, no life at all when I started. I have had 2 deliveries of this mulch and I now have worms showing themselves every time I dig or move anything, health happy veg and easy/light weeding. Will be buying again!
- 3 weeks ago
Put mulch down last year, this year plants absolutely adore it, growing loads never seen before.
- 1 month ago
Fantastic soul, customer service and delivery.K
- 1 month ago
The soil improver has transformed my garden. Will be ordering more for the autumn. Great at weed suppressing and also seems to keep the cats off the flower bed
- 1 month ago
Help , I have run out of your fabulous mulch, I need another bag as quickly as possible to save my Hosta's from being eaten by the Slugs and Snails. Enclosed I am sending you a picture of the Hostas protected by your mulch , and a picture of why I need the other bag as quickly as possible. Thnks in advance. Mandy
- 1 month ago
Brilliant stuff thank you I’m a first time buyer of the mulch and can’t wait to see the results healthy happy soil and plants 🤗
- 1 month ago
This is brilliant stuff. Has improved our borders 100%.
- 1 month ago
I can't believe how much and how well my veggie is growing! And no weeds!!! Just ordered another two bags!
- 1 month ago
Just started using this, it's amazing stuff! Not only has it given my plants a real boost and meant less watering, slugs don't seem to like crawling over it so my plants have not been munched since they've been transplanted into my raised beds.
- 2 months ago
Great two bulk bags of mulch delivered and plants looking healthier already 🙂


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