The Farm

Apsley Farm is a 1050 acre farm, located near the Hampshire town of Andover. The farm produces and harvests all the maize, rye and sugar beet that is used to keep the three Anaerobic Digestor’s running and producing green renewable energy, in the form of gas and electricity.

History of the Farm:

Up until 2011 we farmed arable crops of wheat, spring barley and oil seed rape in a tight rotation. Due to decreasing margins we decided to invest in a bio digester and farm for energy. We now produce four green products: electricity, gas, fertiliser and CO2.

Our CO2 capture and liquefaction plant, which was added to the farm in November 2016, produces food grade CO2 that is added and used in the fizzy drinks industry.

Our biogas plant is 80% greener than fossil fuels. We produce 16 megawatts of gas an hour that can supply gas to around 8,000 houses all year round.