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Benefits of Mulch

What are the benefits of Mulch in flower beds?

The main benefits of mulching flower beds, is to provide protection in the colder months, reduce weeding, lock in moisture, add organic matter, add nutrients and micro nutrients and give your beds a professional finish.

What is the purpose of mulching?

Using Apsley Farms Mulch will add beneficial nutrients and organic matter to your soil, aid water retention and most importantly reduce weeds on the surface of the beds and boarders.

To Mulch or not to Mulch?

That is the question! – Mulch…

Is mulch necessary?

Mulch is necessary to add organic matter and retain a healthy and prodcutive soil.

What is mulch good for?

Mulch is good for your soil health, providing nutrients to your plants, increases the number of worms in the soil and lock in moisture and reduce weeding.

What is the best mulch for an organic vegetable garden?

Adding organic mulch with plenty of nutrients will give the maximum benefit to your vegetable garden. Apsley Farms Mulch has the organic matter and nutrients with the added benefit of no weed seed present, it has also been approved for organic use by the Soil Association.

What is the best mulch for landscaping?

During the Autumn and Winter months use Apsley Farms Mulch. If you are doing the project in the Summer months than use Apsley Farms Summer Top Dressing.

What is the best mulch for gardens?

The best mulch is mulch that has organic matter and adds nutrients to your garden. Apsley Farms Mulch will do that perfectly!

Does mulch help retain water?

Mulch your garden is the best way to retain water during droughts and the summers. We would recommend Apsley Farms Summer Top Dressing to if applying in the summer months.

Will mulch smother weeds?

If you apply Apsley farms mulch to a weeded area it can smother those weeds, for best practise we recommend weeding the area before applying the mulch.