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What is Mulch made of?

Mulch is made from organic matter that has rotted or composted down.

Apsley Farms Mulch is made from the Bi-product from green gas produced on the farm. We use Rye, Maize, Grass, and Barley as our feed crops.

Is there Manure in Mulch?

Yes, some mulches have manure. The advantage of using Apsley Farms Mulch is that it is uniform and there aren’t any weed seed traces in our mulch when is leaves the farm.

Types of Garden Mulch

There are two main types of mulch, organic mulch, and non-organic mulch.

What is Organic Mulch made of?

Orginic Mulch is plant based and will rot down in time, e.g., woodchip, Apsley farms mulch, manure, leaf mold.

 Non-organic is resistant to breaking down e.g., plastic matting, semi permeable membranes.

How is Mulch made?

Apsley Farms Mulch is made from the bi-product from the anaerobic digestors on the farm that produces green gas and electricity. It is circulated for 150+ days in the plant and is then separated from the liquid and bagged up for your garden.

Mulch manufacturing process?

At harvest crops cut into smallest pieces to increase surface area. They are bagged up to pickle for 3 months or more, The crops are fed into the plant to produce green gas and electricity and the end solid bi-product is the mulch.

Can you compost mulch?

Apsley Farms Mulch can be composted easily. This usually takes about 3 months for this to happen, it does depend on the weather. Adding mulch to your compost heap will also benefit your home made compost.

Are there chemicals in mulch?

Apsley Farms mulch is natural and has been approved for organic use by the Soil Association. We test for chemicals, such as pyrlids and we have not found any traces or expect to find traces.