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How to apply Mulch?

Apply for using as a soil imporver – Spring and early Summer months – Spread a 2” layer over the area you wish to improve, go down a spades depth, turning the soil. Best to add to new raised beds or new or struggling flower beds. Wait for 5 to 7 days before planting. Gives an instance improvement to the nutrients and the structure of the soil

Autumn and Winter months, promotes the ‘No Dig’ method championed by Charles Dowding. – Spread a 2” or 3” layer over the area and let the weather and worms do the rest. Come the spring tickle any solid material left into the soil.

Apply for using as a Top Dressing – Spread a 2” – 3″ layer of mulch over the bed – we recommend keeping a 2” gap around any plants in the bed to avoid any chance of burning

How to refresh mulch?

We would recommend refreshing mulch once or twice a year, from Autumn to Spring.

Should you water before or after mulching?

Best to water before mulching during a dry spell. Water mulch in the spring time after applying the mulch, this will increase the leaching on nutrients in your soil.