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Natural Plant Food Frequently asked questions

Why use a liquid feed?

Our natural liquid feed delivers the full spectrum of readily available nutrients directly to your plants’ roots. This maximises uptake when they need a boost during the growing season. Good ground preparation and potted composts often offer slow-release nutrients and can be complimented by our liquid feed for healthy, strong all-round growth. But in fact, many cheaper composts are very low in nutrients. Our liquid feed is a great ‘pick me up’ if your plants are looking a bit neglected and need a quick fix! We could see clear differences in our growing trials after just a couple of days.

When and how do I feed my plants with your product?

Our Natural Plant Food, as with any other liquid fertiliser, should be used during the spring and summer, when your plants are actively growing and taking up nutrients. Avoid applying any liquid feeds too early: when the weather is still cold, or when plants are too young, otherwise you risk burning the roots.

When you decide to start feeding, mix the liquid with water, according to the packaging instructions and apply to the soil at the base of the plant. We don’t recommend applying undiluted feed, as it may be too strong for your plants (too much of a good thing, and all that!). Why not set up your own trial to test our liquid and compare the progress to an unfed plant of the same species?

What is the weight and size of the product?

The product weighs just over 5kg and our bottle measures 26cm in height. 

How many big (9L) watering cans will the 5L bottle make?

Depending on what kind of plants you’re feeding, 5L of Natural Plant Food will make roughly 12.5 big watering cans of goodness.

Why does it smell the way it does?

Plainly put – it’s reassuringly smelly! It smells like something you should be putting onto the garden. This reflects the fact that the liquid is crop-based, made from rye, maize and grass, and has essentially been digested in a massive cow’s stomach (our biodigesters have the nickname Daisy…). In other words – it smells because it’s plant based and natural.

Is it good for my soil?

Absolutely! You can rest assured that not only has the efficacy of Natural Plant Food been analysed and tested in typical UK growing conditions by Apsley and external parties, we also analysed the effects on the soil through a third-party lab. No negative effects on the soil were observed and, in fact, we found that our liquid increased fungal activity which will help improve your soil structure and organic matter content.

Can I use Natural Plant Food with Apsley Farms Mulch?

Go for it. They’re sister products, each doing their own specific jobs that complement each other! Apsley Mulch provides benefits such as weed suppression, root protection and slow release nutrition and tends to be higher in phosphates. Our Natural Plant Food provides a super boost of readily available nutrients which increases the number and size of fruits and flowers, encourages root growth and boosts overall plant health. 

When can I expect delivery?

As our business grows, all of our deliveries for liquid plant feed orders are Parcelforce 48hr service. Please allow 3-5 working days to receive your parcel. If you have also ordered bulk/dumpy bags, please refer to our delivery page for more information.

Can I make a bulk/commercial order of liquid plant feed?

Give us a call on 01264 554433 to discuss options for large orders. Bulk orders can be delivered on pallets or in IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers – 1000L) depending on your needs.