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Denise E.

Just had my delivery of 2 bags of black gold this morning. I’ve been using this mulch for a couple of years now & it’s lovely stuff to improve soil condition, fertility & moisture retention, as well as suppress weeds. I’ll be topping up my no dig beds & adding a hot bed too. I’m going to make my own potting compost this year with a mixture of homemade green waste compost, topsoil & mulch. Excellent service as always from ordering, (Tom), to delivery, (Steve this time) & not a single berry or leaf knocked off my tree on the driveway! Every member of the team I’ve met so far or spoken to is extremely friendly, knowledgeable & enthusiastic about Apsley products & I highly recommend them. To think this mulch is an organic by product of sustainable, renewable energy & 100% waste free, supporting the local farming community is an added bonus. The food grade Co2 produced also means I get to stay hydrated while gardening with guilt free fizzy water too! What’s not to like…?!