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Susan C

Awesome mulch. I have been using it in no-dig instead of compost for a few months and it’s been great. I leave it for a good few weeks in the bag though. It’s strong mind you. It’s not finished compost but it works perfectly for my (plants’) need(s) But hasn’t burn anything so I’m really happy and the plants are too. I also use it in my wormery and the little worms have not complained to me so far ? they are “happy chappies”
There’s no plastic, glass or any rubbish in the mulch.
Delivery has been fantastic. Just ordered my 4th bag. I’m going to return the others. Hopefully to re-use them.
So I’m definitely sticking with this mulch and Apsley Farm. Excellent value, service and quality ?⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐