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Feeding your soil

Mulching Adds the three main beneficial nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium to your soil and gives plants and vegetables a boost in the growing season. 

Reducing weed growth

Laying a 2-inch layer of mulch around established plants will suppress weeds whilst still acting as a slow-release fertiliser.

Improving soil structure

Heavy clay or sandy soils often lack the organic material needed to grow plants or vegetables effectively. Mulching will give these soils more body and aid growth.

Mulch: Improving moisture retention

Improving moisture retention & reducing watering

Bare or exposed soil surfaces heat up during the summer months increasing evaporation. A layer of mulch insulates the soil and reduces evaporation from both heat and wind. This, therefore, reduces the amount you have to water by as much as two-thirds in the hot months of summer. 

Provides an aesthetic finish

Mulch is a uniform and even product that gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance to garden beds. (You’ll be the envy of all the neighbors)