Liquid Plant Feed/Tonic


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Apsley Farms Liquid Plant Feed gives an instant boost to those plants that need it the most. It will increase the yield for vegetables, the number of flowers and overall growth of your plants.

The Liquid plant feed is a bi-product from the Anaerobic digestion process producing sustainable Gas and Electric Energy. We separate the Liqiid plant feed from our mulch.

Our facility relies totally on harvested crops produced from local growers in Southern England.

We are proud to say that it has been certified for Organic Use by the Soil Association.

Order your Apsley Farms Liquid Plant Feed in either 10 litre drums for £30 or a 5 litre container for £20.


How and when is it best to use and apply?

  • Apply first dosage three weeks after first growth or leaves appear
  • Best used during late spring continue through to end of season
  • We recommend using gloves when handling our product
  • Recommended dose – 250ml to 4.5 litre watering can
  • Apply every 10-14 days
  • Pour at base of plants or pots at soil level, where possible avoid covering leaf
  • Wash hands after use
  • Store upright and out of direct sunlight
  • If Swallowed seek medical advice.

Key Product details:

  • Contains healthy amounts of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus and other beneficial trace elements
  • Soil Association approved for Organic Use
  • The perfect alternative to animal based plant feed
  • Provides an instant boost to plant growth
  • Increases fruit size and yield
  • Liquid concentrate form
  • Vegan friendly
  • pH 8-8.5

EC Statutory Fertilizer Declartion

Nitrogen (N) 0.52%
Phosphorus (P) 0.44%
Potash (K) 0.07%

Additional information


5 Litre pouch with spout, 10 Litre container

EC Statutory Fertilizer Declaration

.52% Nitrogen (N) .44% Potash (K) .069% Phosphorus (P)


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