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Our Woodchip has been sustainably sourced from timber on the farm and is made up of a blend of soft and hardwood that has not been treated. It is 100% natural and is made up from the whole tree.

The woodchip is free draining, helps reduce weed growth over a large area, and keeps pet runs and paths free from mud. Chicken’s love scratching around in it! We would recommend using it for:

  • Chicken runs
  • Other outside pet areas
  • Natural looking paths
  • Areas around raised beds
  • Help with weed suppression.

The ideal depth for Pet areas and paths would be between 50-100mm and allow a 10% reduction for settlement. One bulk bag will cover approximately 10-12m² at a depth of 50mm.

Please note, that our woodchip is a similar looking product to play area woodchip but is not certified to be used for children’s play area.


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