7.5L Natural Plant Food Bundle

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Bundle contains:
  • 2.5L Natural Plant Food
  • 2.5L Natural Tomato Food
  • 2.5L Natural Tub & Basket Food
  • Made from plants, for plants!
  • Natural crop-derived product that is chemical-free
  • Rich in N,P,K nutrients, delivering the full package of macronutrients, micronutrients and beneficial microbes
  • Improves growth and yield
  • Soil Association Approved for organic use
  • A by-product of green energy production

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Elevate your gardening experience with the Ultimate Plant Care Bundle from Apsley Farms, a comprehensive trio designed to cater to all your plant’s needs. This bundle includes our renowned Natural Plant Food, Natural Tub & Basket Food, and Natural Tomato Food, each crafted with care and innovation through our advanced biodigestion process.

Natural Plant Food

Our flagship product, Natural Plant Food, is a natural, crop-derived liquid feed that delivers a complete package of macronutrients, micronutrients, and beneficial microbes. This nutrient-rich mix enhances and stimulates strong, sturdy plant growth for bigger, better plants. With an N:P

ratio of 0.6:0.1:0.6, it ensures vigorous growth, bigger fruits and flowers, improved soil fungal activity, and a better soil structure.

Natural Tub & Basket Food

Give your tubs and baskets the support they need to flourish in limited spaces with our organically certified Natural Tub & Basket Food. Perfectly formulated to boost plant performance, this product helps your plants thrive, ensuring vibrant blooms and healthy growth. Every drop supports your plants and comes in 100% recycled plastic containers.

Natural Tomato Food

For those who love homegrown tomatoes, our Natural Tomato Food is a game-changer. Enriched with magnesium and Fulvic acid, it ensures your tomato plants thrive, producing juicier, more vibrant fruits. Like our other products, it’s approved for organic growing and is available in fully recycled plastic containers.

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- 2 days ago
Dear all at Apsley, Thank you for delivering my order so promptly, having only ordered it yesterday... and with excellent communication on ETA. ...A special thanks to Neil, who dropped the 3 bags exactly where required, with a smile and pinpoint accuracy. Best Wishes, David
- 4 days ago
I just wanted to say thank you to Apsley Farms for excellent service this morning.  The driver gave me advanced telephone notice, delivery was to time, efficiently carried out by your 'lady driver' (whose name I didn't ask for) and we at Sarisbury were very happy with the service provided. Thank you all very much. Good use will be made of the mulch in our allotment 'corner memorial garden' which, thanks to previous deliveries, is full of colourful flowers and shrubs as the result of improved soil quality.  We continually get compliments from passing members of the public looking over our fence ad we are always pleased to attribute our success to Apsley Farms mulch (and a lot of hard work from Liz, the corner area gardener.) best wishes to you all, Robin G
- 2 weeks ago
Good morning, I was lucky enough to win a 730 litre bag of mulch last October in an Allotment Online competition. You very kindly honoured my prize, despite my living in York, well outside the free delivery area! There was enough mulch for my whole garden in autumn and now the growing season is upon us, I am amazed by the results! Our slug damage is minimal (despite others in our village who claim to hold the national slug and snail collection)! Everything is growing with such vigour and by now, our beautiful roses which have normally fallen victim to black spot, are only very slightly affected. I can’t thank you enough and will certainly be ordering more in autumn. Kind regards, Marylyn K
- 1 month ago
I thought you might like to see picture of our new sensory garden which we have just finished weeding and mulching ready for planting. We are delighted with our progress and that we can give our plants such fabulous boost.  
- 1 month ago
I just wanted to send a quick message to thank you for the delivery. Not only the best mulch that I have used to date, but incredible customer service, especially from David ref. navigating the narrow driveway and expertly unloading the bags perfectly onto pre lade blue sheeting. Beyond grateful. Hope you have a great weekend. Katinka
- 1 month ago
Friendly and helpful people
- 1 month ago
Quick note to say the Soil Improver/mulch  was safely delivered by a really professional guy who reversed into our drive in rush hour from a busy country lane and manoeuvred into quite a tight space and placed the 2 bags exactly where I wanted them. I have started to mulch all my beds and have to say we are delighted with the quality of the mulch and ease of use. Really impressed thank you! Best wishes Judi & Geoff
- 1 month ago
Ordered 2 x mulch for last 2 years and results have been amazing. Summer top dressing is epic. Fantastic customer service from Tracey. Very professional and efficient ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
- 1 month ago
Helpful, cost effective, good customer service and I got free delivery. Product is excellent, organic and eco friendly
- 1 month ago
Customer service + quality is always 10 out of 10. Have been using them for years.


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