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Gardening products from Apsley Farms

Approved by the Soil Association for organic use

Rich in N,P, K nutrients |  Peat, waste and weed FREE

£60.00 per 730 Litre bag (approx)
£50 per bag - 2 or more bags
typical delivery time - 5 working days
£20.00 Includes FREE DELIVERY
Multi buy discount - 2 FOR £30
£10.00£320.00 per approx. 40 Litres Litre bag (approx)
£75.00 per 730 Litre bag (approx)
Ready Mix Out of stock -
£150.00 per 730 Litre bag (approx)
Delivery nationwide by kerbside pallet
typical delivery within 5 working days

What our customers say

- 2 days ago
It’s absolutely amazing mulch.. my garden has benefited from it so much.. less weeds, bigger healthier plants.. it’s a win win!
- 3 days ago
We top dressed with this in the autumn and as we're just starting a spring tidy up we're noticing the soil is much easier to work with. We think it's kept weeds down too.
- 1 week ago
I have been ordering the Apsley mulch for a few years, and it does miracles to my allotment. Fantastic stuff! Same with their customer service - exceptional! This year I did my order in a rush and did not even notice that delivery was set up to my home address rather than allotment. The lovely, lovely delivery driver did not even hesitate for a second after turning up on my home doorstep - simply took it where it was meant to go. Thank you again.
- 1 week ago
Fab product and excellent delivery from these guys
- 1 week ago
We’ve had this mulch and it’s BLOOMING good stuff. Great service too! Happy to recommend
- 2 weeks ago
Hi, Thank you so much for getting my delivery of 3 bags of your compost being delivered so promptly. I’m very impressed and shall gladly recommend you to everyone I know.Steve, the driver, was so helpfull and very informative. Thank you again. You know what I’ll be doing in the near future!!!! Very excited to move the compost and feed my hungry allotment.  
- 2 weeks ago
Thank you, service and communication was 5 star, delivery driver couldn't have been more helpful I will definitely recommend you to people. I will certainly be ordering from you again.
- 2 weeks ago
just had ours delivered for the 2nd time and the guy was super helpful delivering into a tight spot on our drive, the mulch product has been really helpful we bought it a couple of seasons ago for general mulching and improving/bulking out the compost and it's made a real difference that lasted 2 years, but to keep that soil structure and to spend less on compost by rejuvenating old stuff, got it again this year. wouldn't usually make reviews but with how much everything is going up in price want people to see how useful this product can be to consider, however it also wont last as long as other composts that have a lot more woody products going into it in a structural sense, after 2 years it will will all be consumed by worms and such leaving behind long-lasting nutrition (in my unscientific and small scale garden opinion)
- 2 weeks ago
I've just received my bag of mulch - big "Thank You" to the delivery driver who managed to deliver the bag much further up the drive than I'd hoped! I've already spread the mulch round the garden; it's lovely and easy to handle, and the garden looks great! I can't make enough home-made garden compost for the number of beds I have, so Apsley Mulch is a great addition. I'll definitely be getting this again 🙂
- 2 weeks ago
Thank you, service and communication was 5 star, delivery driver couldn't have been more helpful I will definitely recommend you to people. I will certainly be ordering from you again.

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Our Garden Mulch and Natural Plant Food has been approved by the Soil Association for use in organic gardening and farming.

🌱Organic Mulch Soil Improver🌱

Our organic mulch soil improver is here! We personally deliver our dumpy bag full of mulch (730 litres) @ only £50 per bag and we include FREE delivery 🚚 within 30 miles of Andover and it will be dropped off, keeping within the Government advice. Payment can be taken over the phone. Whether you have a small or large garden this organic mulch soil improver will work wonders… Click the 'SHOP NOW' button below to order yourself some mulch soil improver and see why so many of our customers love our mulch…

Posted by Apsley Farms on Tuesday, 3 November 2020

The nutritional benefits of our mulch and natural plant food

Our garden mulch and natural plant food contain the top three nutrients to promote healthy plant growth. These nutrients are:

  • Nitrogen (N) – is needed to form young leaves and shoots and helps promote plant growth
  • Phosphorus (P) – provides strong roots, root growth and helps with the ripening and yield of fruit.
  • Potassium (K) – promotes the movement of water, nutrients and carbohydrates in plant tissue. Potassium promotes the enzyme ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) to regulate photosynthesis


Apsley Farms offer FREE delivery within 20 miles of our Hampshire based farm. Includes most areas in Andover, Newbury, Basingstoke, Winchester, Southampton, Salisbury, Reading and subsidised delivery to Bracknell, Camberley, Ascot and Farnborough.

For more information on our delivery service, please visit our delivery page.

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